Friends here in Tokyo are in the process of starting a media co-op. We are currently brainstorming a multi-stakeholder model that includes the following member classes: journalists, readers, organizations/special interest/unions, worker (editorial staff). This comes from a need identified by several journalists that there are no mainstream outlets for labour and minority issues related stories.

A few asks:
1) any successful examples?
2) ideas of where to file legal incorporation docs?

@emi regarding 1.) there is the Swiss "Republik" example of a media / newspaper org which was founded in 2017 as a coop.


interesting! i can't navigate the site to find details on the model or structure of the organization but it's a cool looking site!

@emi Depends of Japanesse rights, example I can think of:
- Alternative Économique and L'âge de Faire in France both worker coop
- Le monde diplomatique is owned at 24% by the employee and 25% by an association of reader (51% by a capitalist patron)

@emi Mediapart (France) and The Guardian have 100% of their share hold by a non-profit trust
Le Média (France) was funded by a national subscription, but it is a party-controlled newspaper


Thank you for this- interesting models that I need to digest a bit more. Would really like to see more ownership and participation in governance by all stakeholders


I'm interested to learn more about Le Monde Diplomatique. When I look on their english website it says that 51% is owned by Le Monde and 49% is owned by "friends" and an association that comprise the paper's staff. How is "Le Monde" governed I wonder...?

@emi Le Monde is owned by very rich capitalist. So I'm not sure it is a useful model.
By looking in the internet I see there is a Japan Workers’ Cooperative Union, maybe they can help you.
The issue really depends on the rights in the country so you may not be able to use what is done in France
I wish you best of luck, it is good to see new cooperative out there


Thanks. Yeah, I’m familiar with JWCU. Cool org with some conservative minded folks. We’ll reach out to them when we have more settled to talk legal-ese, but the digital nature of the platform might make it possible to incorporate in a different country...

Any coop friendly countries out there?! The Colorado of the world so to speak?

@emi France was under the last government. Spain has the hugest worker coop out there.
I don't think you can be a foreign coop operating in Japan. You really should talk with expert in Japaneses law


This is AWESOME!!!! Thank you! Can't wait to introduce it to my friends :)

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