Leave it to Japan to gamify social good:

Co-op Kobe has created a system through which those without a smart phone can “order” tasks that they would like help with (in the illustration, taking out the garbage). The co-op then will mail them some QR codes to stick on the “task”and will send push notifications to those who have registered to help in the area. Whoever does the task, scans the QR code and gets credit at the coop.


This is brilliant stuff. Any more info about this?


Not a lot I'm afraid. The presentation was very basic and seemed like a lot of the social side was still under development. It's been a huge investment by the co-op costing over 100,000,000¥ (roughly about $1 million USD)

Here's the link to their app page that descibes the e-commerce aspect of the app:


I shared this in the platform cooperative email group.

I tagged my boss Stephen Gill who has worked for decades with retail coops in the UK, he thinks the idea is brilliant.

Gonna be proposing it in the 2020 elections in the largest retailer in Finland, HOK-Elanto, that is a consumer coop.

PLEASE keep me updated on this!! And share if you come across other cool things coops do.

@emi Hello! This is interesting! Many rooms to explore further. I wonder if other monitoring system e.g. RFID can work on similar principle perhaps in a smaller area. 😀

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