@rbenjamin @emi Oh oops—just saw that you already posted. My apologies for not being able to comment beforehand.

@clhendricksbc @emi no worries. It's flexible enough to be improved in its execution but hopefully specific enough to have a chance at succeeding.

Really the level of attrition with so many members to burnt or afraid to engage at this point will be its biggest obstacle.

Hoping that with a strong core it will build the momentum and trust needed to bring many who have been disengaged or never engaged forward to take part in saving this organization.

@rbenjamin @emi I’m still thinking about it. Work just got very busy and I have so many other commitments too...I am considering whether I have the time and energy. Will decide soon.

@clhendricksbc @rbenjamin @emi it’s good to see you talking about it in here ... I think loomio has its place for voting but we need to be talking in here to build social.coop as a community.

@clhendricksbc @rbenjamin @emi one thing I like to do is have the .coop local timeline open in a column so I can see what other co-op-ers are up to without their posts being interleaved with all the others from people I follow. Do others do that?

@edsu @clhendricksbc @rbenjamin

My local timeline hasn't been functional since the last upgrade... I'm not sure why, but it doesn't update like my other timelines...

@emi @clhendricksbc @rbenjamin yes good point, I've noticed it seems to lag and not be complete as well. I see that there have been reports about timelines not working after upgrading to 2.5.0 github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

I asked about this over in the riot chat, and will let you know if I hear anything.

@emi @clhendricksbc @rbenjamin although it would be good to investigate - I don’t think the local timeline shows replies ... so it’s possible that it’s just quiet? Do you see nothing at all?

@edsu @emi @rbenjamin I use apps for Masto on my phone more than the web interface. Local timeline seems fine on those but I haven’t checked for lags.

@clhendricksbc @emi @rbenjamin I dunno if it's changed for y'all -- but the local timeline seems to be fresher for me now.


@edsu @clhendricksbc

I think it might be with the social.coop side. My local timeline for scholar.social seems to update more frequently? Also, posts from people I follow on social.coop still don’t show up on my local timeline despite showing up on my home timeline...

I’m just waiting for next update to see if it fixes itself :)

@emi @clhendricksbc one thing that might be worth doublechecking is logging out and back in again. The local timeline looks fresh for me now.

@edsu @clhendricksbc

Thanks... I tried that. The local timeline on scholar.social seems to be loading at a regular rate, but then again, I'm not following as many ppl with that account so it's harder for me to compare.

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