2018 personal: Continued PT, improved posture. Legal Observed 2 antifascist protests. Bought CB500X. 2 weeks of inktober.

2018 fam: Bonus kid had open-heart surgery. Prepped Dad's apt for 5 bedbug treatments. 4 Camping trips.

2018 work: Did my phd field prelim in 4 months. Made candidacy. Published 1 paper. Attended 4 conferences. Accepted to and withdrew from DSSG. Did some civic tech freelancing. Ran my first lab experiment.

@tdfischer Yep! It's great for creative commons stuff and stuff that needs hi rez like artistic photography and photojournalism.

*sings "thumb gusset" to the tune of "Brass Monkey"*

So how would you replicate Facebook events on the fediverse

Finally found a decent data set to use as an example. Now to work on that thumb gusset!

@Gargron That's what I based my config on, although I'm using apache (need it on port 80). I guess I can try nginx on a different port.

@Gargron I've got that set up. Request goes to my reverse proxy on port 443, with certificates set up. Reverse proxy makes request to http://localhost:3000, but gets redirect rather than content. Am I not doing it right?

@Gargron Trying to install mastodon with docker. Container exposes http on localhost:3000 but serves a redirect to https://localhost, which is not anything. What am I missing?

Why can only some people notice the "soap opera effect" with motion interpolated TVs?

Linguists! Is there a name for the recent trend of adding emphasis to a word by preceding it with a related noun? Examples: "brain genius" "food belly" "leg pants" .

Just realized that my rubber date stamp only goes up to 2014.

@ahailes You should always post here and use crossposter.masto.donte.com.br to automatically crosspost to that other site.

OK docker peeps. Why do all of my containers immediately stop running when I follow these stack deploy instructions? hub.docker.com/_/mediawiki/

@nickfarr You can always come hang with me! Between various responsibilities and the way I react to jet lag, I don't think I'll make it to CCC in the foreseeable future.

@cwebber There are a couple local developers I know from cryptoparties and Penguicon. Small but smart and dedicated community.

It's totally a "rough consensus and running code" kind of standard, but the community is super approachable.

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