There needs to be a word like "leader" without implying hierarchy. A word for someone who is proactively collaborative.

@elplatt @mayel

Isn't having a word for it inherently highlighting/separating from the group and disturbing cooperation?

@webmind @mayel the role of "team member" on a leaderless/leaderful team is different than the role of a team member on a hierarchical team, so I'm looking for a word to distinguish.

@elplatt coordinator?
In Danish we have "tovholder", literally "rope holder"

@zatnosk @elplatt

Yeah looking to other languages may be the way to go. Not sure I like any of these:

conductor, counsellor, dean, doyen, forerunner, guide, harbinger, herald, lead, luminary, notable, pacesetter, pilot, pioneer, precursor, principal, rector, ringleader, shepherd, skipper, front runner, innovator, trailblazer, pathfinder, groundbreaker, trendsetter, guiding light, torch-bearer, pacemaker


@elplatt @zatnosk


originator, initiator, developer, discoverer, founder, architect, mentor, mover and shaker, moderator, steward, bellwether, pacer, harbinger, herald, precursor, loud mouth

@zatnosk @elplatt @StuC @webmind

Actually, I am liking "loud mouth" as it's not self-aggrandizing but rather describes the type of person pretty appropriately IMO :D

@webmind @StuC @elplatt @zatnosk

@Gin reminded me of this practice by the Ju/’hoansi people:

“When a young man kills much meat, he comes to think of himself as a chief or a big man – and thinks of the rest of us as his servants or inferiors. We can’t accept this ... so we always speak of his meat as worthless. This way, we cool his heart and make him gentle.”

Similar insults were meted out to anyone who assumed airs and graces or got too big for their leather sandals.

@mayel @Gin @StuC @webmind I've been studying a lot of non-hierarchical societies for my phd, and in many societies, the more extreme version of this was accusing someone of sorcery and requesting that their family murder them.

@dazinism @webmind @StuC @mayel

Apparently "dinamizador" is used for something similar in Spain. It's from the same root as "dynamo." I like "dynamo."

@zatnosk That's interesting. Can you give me an example of how it would be used in context?

@elplatt sure. Let's say we're in a group doing multiple things, either many projects or just several tasks in one project.
Then we could agree that I'd be the tovholder for a given task, and then I'd be responsible for coordinating the people who are needed to do that task, and make sure it stays on track and gets done on time. But I'm not bound to be the one doing it, and it's not necessarily me that knows how it should be done best.

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