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Thank you to @rysiek for pointing out that you can follow #Blender's new PeerTube instance on Mastodon at @blender

(It works because both #PeerTube and #Mastodon use the #ActivityPub standard)

New book! Look forward to digging into it; like many dark chapters of human history, this one has been subjected to much revisionism and apologetics, and Nixey's book promises to be a lucid and thorough treatment.

I have a love/hate relationship with . Some very nice, clean UI decisions, but so many annoying ones. URLs that change when you don't expect them to, a preview panel that looks like an editor, useless gamification. Every time I use it there's some small frustration that gets in the way.

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We played Night in the Woods on the the last few days. An engaging interactive story with themes of young adult fiction & mystery, very lovingly crafted. I recommend it. Full review:

@Gargron Feature-related drama is never fun. Thanks for all your hard work to make Mastodon better for all of us. :)

I grew up with adventure games, esp. the Sierra and LucasArts titles. This book looks gorgeous, just put in a pre-order:

I am now also on Pixelfed (see - @pixelfed), the federated alternative to Instagram.

Will occasionally upload hiking & travel pics :)

Hi! I'm K4.
I took up hobby gardening and amateur botany as a way to put my open-source software job down sometimes... until I noticed that those things could go together in new and interesting ways. I've been building an open, highly-queryable plant/growing database that anyone can edit or help curate. Nothing really to show off yet (I'm up to my eyeballs in initial data imports rn), but there is a blog up at with project updates.

/me waves enthusiastically

In Apple Mail, there is no protecting PGP-encrypted messages. Even with disabling remote content, GPGTools is vulnerable to EFAIL, and the only mitigation for now is to switch to Thunderbird/Enigmail, and disable viewing HTML emails

The team behind (open source whistleblower platform originally created by Aaron Swartz) has been investigating the use of for building an integrated workstation for journalists using SecureDrop.

Folks interested in newsroom security, or the use of virtualization to mitigate digital security risks may want to check it out. Thoughts on this approach appreciated:

Check out my (~15m) talk at where I explain why it's critical that free/libre/open source software projects shouldn't rely on proprietary tools:

It's a talk version of from 2010. Sadly still relevant.

Easily one of my favorite animations from , because it combines an introduction to an exciting topic in (phages, fascinating nano-robots that should get anyone interested in evolution) with a relevant real-world application (alternatives to antibiotics).


i have been writing free #software for nearly 20 years, examples include #audacious, #ircd (many different ones), small tools like #pkgconf, many libraries and large distributions like #alpinelinux.

recently, i have been working on #pleroma and an alpine derivative called #adelie, which is essentially a polished and commercially-supported version of alpine.

i like #turtles, #rabbits and my warm and soft #onesie, which i usually spend the day lounging around wearing while i do my work.

o/ Hi folks. My name's Derek and I study tech for social impact. Exploring new social networks and I thought I'd drop by and say hello!

My most recent project is a skill for Mycroft AI that checks the civic space status of countries using the CIVICUS Monitor.

Hope to get to know you all! #introductions

Time for my ✊🏼

My day job is about managing the space where formal education meets Wikimedia in Sweden.

I'm an open education advocate and I share my Wikipedia skills with whomever may seek them. Based in Stockholm.

I joined because an alternative needs to be governed differently and great people like @clhendricksbc and @dajbelshaw have only ever led me to good stuff.

New open source tool from Freedom of the Press Foundation to make Shamir's Secret Sharing user-friendly for journalists, activists and others (still alpha, looking for feedback):


I am a software developer and electronic music producer. I am interested in promoting a decentralised network for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I have created an instance for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers at

This instance has open registration, and welcomes new participants.

#electro #music #introduction #introductions

and advocacy often focuses on remixability and hackability. I think another aspect is important to talk about, due to its universal appeal: permanence.

The tools we develop, the websites we build, the music we share under free&open licenses -- _they will be with us_ as long as we care to maintain and share them.

Free culture, in that sense, is an incredible cooperative enterprise across all humanity. It is unlike nearly any other endeavor. It is a joyful thing! :)

πŸ‘‹ I'm bernini, an opensource developer currently involved with and development :) I'm particularly interested in , and topics among others...
My current project is (and his child
Really happy to join socialcoop πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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