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Yes. I don't agree entirely with Rankin's reading of the facts (and in other cases I don't think she's backed up her assertions sufficiently) but Dear's response was, at least in parts, vitriolic, triggering an entirely avoidable downwards spiral. The kind of work Rankin is doing is important to contextualize these historical communities and I hope we'll see more such scholarship.


I don't know, but I think wikis are the best platform we have for collaborating on learning resources today. I'd love to see better tools to do the equivalent of TUTOR programming in a wiki -- and ways to embed interactive lessons in toots and other ActivityPub items :)

PLATO was a fascinating, pioneering online learning system developed at the University of Illinois.

Alongside course materials, it originated complex multiplayer online games, chat, & collaboration tools, rendered on 512x512 touchscreen plasma displays--in the 1970s.

Brian Dear's "The Friendly Orange Glow" is the (thus far) definitive history of the system, based on decades of research. It took me a while to make my way through the 640 page tome, but here's my review:

Yesterday I finished "Buddy Simulator 1984", an adventure game with psychological horror elements, in which a codependent AI invents games for you to play.

It's a 4-5 hour experience, well worth the regular $10 price tag (but likely to be be discounted again soon). Worked perfectly on Linux using Proton. Here's my review:

Hello 👋 migrating my account here and glad to find like-minded people!

I'm a non-binary tinkerer into offensive and web security, currently practicing my skill through bug bounties. I'm still somewhere between beginner / intermediate level, so learning a lot atm :horrifiedcatto:

#introductions #intro

Classical Artwork is a bot that posts random historical public domain paintings and drawings every few hours. You can follow at:

➡️ @art

The paintings are sourced from the classical artwork PD site at

#ClassicalArtwork #Art #ClassicalArt #Paintings #Painting #Drawings #Drawing #Illustrations #Illustration #Bot #Bots #History #HistoryOfArt #ArtHistory #PD #PublicDomain #Culture

The Wikimedia Foundation's Quality & Test Engineering team is hiring for a couple positions!

Test Engineer:

Software Engineering in Test:

Come work for a great team in a great organization doing great things for the world!

Boosts welcome/encouraged!

I'm not the hiring manager, but the hiring manager reports to me, so feel free to ask questions!

"Blackout" is a 30-60 minute free Halloween-themed indie point and click adventure: short & sweet, with a very simple plot but near-perfect execution.

It's plays well in the browser, but is available for download cross-platform, thanks to the open source :

A brief review (I review all the things :-):

#OtD 14 Nov 1917, the "Night of Terror" began at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia, in which 33 suffragist prisoners were brutally tortured and beaten by guards after being arrested picketing the White House

I've read most of Stephen King's books, but I skipped "The Colorado Kid" when it came out in 2005. I finally picked it up during a trip to Canada. Turns out my first instinct was right: this is not one of his better works, though it was an easy read. Full spoiler-free review:

Tomorrow (2021-11-13) is Aaron Swartz Day! Come join us - we'll be speaking about SecureDrop, and hosting a (virtual) hackathon, in Aaron's memory. Schedule & details:

Saturday is Aaron Swartz day.

10am – 6pm US/Pacific.

He would have turned 35 this week.

Please join.

I really liked this design pattern of the wooden trashcans spread throughout Butchart Gardens (near Victoria BC), which also serve as planters for flower displays (with the species carefully chosen based on the location of the trashcan).

I'm sure there are contexts where this would be difficult to replicate -- but many others where it could be worth trying out, as part of our bringing about a future ;-)

Added NINE 9⃣ DRM-free bookshops to the list in October.

Take a look, and discover almost 300 bookshops that sell DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPGs!

Last weekend, I finished the second game of the Gabriel Knight series, "The Beast Within".

With this 1995 game (and Phantasmagoria released in the same year), Sierra made a foray into the FMV genre (digitized video). Although it has many flaws, it's still one of the best efforts to combine adventure gameplay with film sequences. Here's a more detailed review:


OK, added a couple deets. (Editing anything on that page is a terrible user experience no matter the editing mode, sadly.)

and of course fastmail goes down immediately after I write this

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Switched from a barebones IMAP email provider to Fastmail at work recently - it seems pretty good so far. I only wish it had proper Mailvelope support in its web app.

One nice feature is that you can share folders across accounts, which is great for shared inboxes and such.

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