@ai_curio on birdsite is a pretty amazing AI-generated art account (sadly @ai_curio is no longer active here, it seems).

I love stuff like that which shows the potential of new technology for art, exploration and play—beyond the human imagination, alone, with AI as partner-in-crime, not as an artificial policeman.

Capitalism and the attendant mindset of extraction and domination cast a monstrous shadow on the realm of possibility. It takes effort to see, and reveal, the light.

198x is a short but beautiful homage to the 16-bit gaming aesthetic in general and to arcade games in particular. It also tries to tell a story, which is an overly melodramatic tale of teenage angst that mostly serves as a vehicle for more (undeniably gorgeous) pixel art. Full review:


#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @slopesgameroom - In-depth documentaries about video game history

🌟 @forgefriends - Federated FOSS connector between forges, uses ActivityPub protocol

🌟 @freeboardgames - Free open source online board game site, with multiplayer support

🌟 @onotch - Award-winning Japanese photographer of landscapes and cityscapes

🌟 @sohkamyung - Wildlife photorapher from Singapore who takes lovely pictures of the natural world


I had skimmed it before and missed your section - you did an amazing job, thanks for talking about the political/philosophical aspects as well :)

I was a part of the "Blender Is..." video in the timestamp in the video below - or maybe watch the whole video :)



Congrats to our friends over at @blender on their 3.0 release! They have one of the most professional, capable, and important projects happening in the open-source world. And extra points on top for running a #PeerTube instance as well!



Charity game bundles 

itch.io => World Land Trust (conservation). If you don't own the amazing "Mutazione", you can get it here for $5+.

Humble => Planned Parenthood. Mostly card games and the like. I support PP every year anyway, so I picked it up. You can still adjust the charity % slider.

Jingle Jam => choose a charity. Massive bundle, high minimum $. Includes stellar games like Wildermyth so 100% worth taking a look:

Unfassbar, dass Schwarzfahren in Deutschland eine Straftat ist und Tausende dafür ins Gefängnis müssen. Zeit für Entkriminalisierung und günstigere Sozialtickets!

Klasse Aktion und Recherche von @zdfmagazin@twitter.com und @fragdenstaat@twitter.com!

#freiheitsfonds #zdfmagazin

Game deal recommendation (Gone Home/Tacoma) 

Gone Home and Tacoma are beautiful narrative adventure games (or "walking sims" if you prefer the somewhat pejorative term). I reviewed them on lib.reviews a while ago if you want to get an idea:

Both work perfectly on Linux.

Normally they're ~$10-$20. You can currently pick them both up for $2 in this bundle (Steam keys):


@despens I'm glad it deeply connected with you & the reviewer!

@JordiGH yes, both of those! And sooo many more left in my backlog :)

@JordiGH Dang that does look gorgeous! I am very much an adventure guy but occasionally I get sucked in by a puzzle platformer or metroidvania :). Played the hell out of Castlevania Symphony on the GBA back in the day ..

This weekend I played "Sunset", a 2015 game by Belgian indie developer Tale of Tales. Sunset's commercial failure caused the small studio to give up on making games altogether.

It's a remarkable game in its storytelling ambition. You play a housekeeper in a fictional Central American country who becomes immersed in political intrigue. The gameplay is confined to a single apartment.

In spite of the fascinating premise, it never comes together as a game. My review:


One of my reads over the Thanksgiving break has been "Gwendy's Magic Feather", the second book in the Gwendy trilogy that's a collaboration between Stephen King and Richard Chizmar.

I found it only so-so, with too many competing narrative threads that never build up to a satisfying conclusion -- but I'll almost certainly still buy the third book to see where it's all headed. Here's my review:



Yep, very loosely based - the book has barely enough plot for one of those Twilight Zone episodes that makes you go "huh, ok" ;)

Neural net generated food items to enjoy! 

Pixray generating "View from the end of the Thanksgiving Table"

Demo here: pixray.gob.io/text2pixel/


I have the "People's History" book here as well, and it repeats some of those same assertions (happy to elaborate but not at toot length limits :).

But I certainly agree that Dear's aggressive response crossed several lines, which far overshadowed the substance of his arguments, such as it is.

@dajbelshaw ohh sadly I am not on spotify - but thanks for the tip, maybe it'll show up in the open eventually :)

I enjoyed listening to this episode of the "Song Exploder" podcast, where Hans Zimmer explains the story of the "Paul's Dream" track in Dune (and talks a bit about what it was like to score the film under COVID-19 lockdown):


Not a podcast I've listened to before, look forward to checking out their back catalog.


Apparently the FAA used it until 2006! Must have been a very strange experience for folks going through those last trainings ..

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