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There are instances of game mechanics that can be useful, but most of the "badges" type stuff I've seen in Discourse seems to conflate different goals.

Even if you believe that badges like "first link" or "first emoji" are useful (I am very skeptical), they should be behind an on-boarding flow for new users who are trying to learn about the software, to avoid repeatedly subjecting people to the same "Hey look what a good user you are, you made a link!" notification.

@spudboy I started one a while ago, here (some are from RSS, others from Twitter feeds):

@edsu Editor loads, but was not able to save ("Unknown error"), looks like a Captcha problem in this case (added a link but no captcha was shown in Visual Editor).

CC @mayel in case he has time to poke.

I have a love/hate relationship with . Some very nice, clean UI decisions, but so many annoying ones. URLs that change when you don't expect them to, a preview panel that looks like an editor, useless gamification. Every time I use it there's some small frustration that gets in the way.

@PresGas FYI, there is some violence, re-enactment of criminal acts (stealing, vandalism), discussions of abuse.

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We played Night in the Woods on the the last few days. An engaging interactive story with themes of young adult fiction & mystery, very lovingly crafted. I recommend it. Full review:

@Gargron Feature-related drama is never fun. Thanks for all your hard work to make Mastodon better for all of us. :)

@charlag Not yet, but I definitely like what I've read about it. :) The last one I tried was Thimbleweed Park, which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I grew up with adventure games, esp. the Sierra and LucasArts titles. This book looks gorgeous, just put in a pre-order:

@mackiwg Ha! Thank you, the offer is very much mutual in case you have reason to come to beautiful-in-its-own-way Portland, Oregon. ;)

@mackiwg Still hoping to make it down to your neighborhood one of these days :)

I am now also on Pixelfed (see - @pixelfed), the federated alternative to Instagram.

Will occasionally upload hiking & travel pics :)

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Hi! I'm K4.
I took up hobby gardening and amateur botany as a way to put my open-source software job down sometimes... until I noticed that those things could go together in new and interesting ways. I've been building an open, highly-queryable plant/growing database that anyone can edit or help curate. Nothing really to show off yet (I'm up to my eyeballs in initial data imports rn), but there is a blog up at with project updates.

/me waves enthusiastically

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I am a researcher in solar energy materials ( at present perovskites). Renewables are a necessity..isn't it ?
Other than that I love thinking about random stuff, watching movies, fixing stuff, travelling..etc
I use and advocate GNU/Linux and free software.
I follow socialism, marxism, openscience movements.

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In Apple Mail, there is no protecting PGP-encrypted messages. Even with disabling remote content, GPGTools is vulnerable to EFAIL, and the only mitigation for now is to switch to Thunderbird/Enigmail, and disable viewing HTML emails

@rysiek @OCCRP

Fantastic! Early testing/feedback would be a huge help, and we're also doing user research right now that will inform the next steps in development. There might be other stuff we can do together. If you're up for it, let's jump on a call in the next few days to chat?

The team behind (open source whistleblower platform originally created by Aaron Swartz) has been investigating the use of for building an integrated workstation for journalists using SecureDrop.

Folks interested in newsroom security, or the use of virtualization to mitigate digital security risks may want to check it out. Thoughts on this approach appreciated: