Much of the independent web relies on Patreon to organize financial support.

The good folks at @comradery are building an ethical alternative as a co-op.

One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for) but for independent creators, workers, activists, and co-ops.

If that could be a good fit for anything you our your friends are doing, maybe give them a follow here to stay updated as they're building the platform!

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How does it compare to and many others ( immediatly springs to mind)?

Always good to see choices :)

@mwfc @eloquence big fan of liberapay :) we offer something different because we support exclusive rewards- aka "digital goods" that require sales tax compliance in the USA and elsewhere. That way creators can offer some content only to their supporters.

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I am involved with the Snowdrift project (as part of their volunteer board). Snowdrift is focused on works under free/libre/open licenses. Closer to Liberapay, but with a co-op governance structure & a "crowdmatching" approach where you can match other people's contributions as they join.

It's also doesn't have live projects yet and is (tbqh) very slow going as a pure volunteer effort. Comradery is closer to being usable today, with >20 projects already on the platform.

@eloquence @comradery
>One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for)
Does this mean they are banned from using the platform?

@Hyolobrika @eloquence LEOs are not permitted to be creators on the platform, and "bosses" aka those with managerial or hiring/firing power, aren't allowed to be creators in that capacity. However, if for instance a taco bell manager wants to make videos about crochet art that's fine since it has nothing to do with their job.

alternative to Patreon 

@eloquence @comradery there is also Liberapay Right now the Visa and Mastercard networks are still a chokepoint except for donors in the EU willing to use Swift.

I really wish Patreon had not made implausible promises to borrow large sums of money from venture capitalists. That has made it impossible for them to make wise decisions for the long term.

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