I still tend to use for most of my international meeting scheduling. It's okay but a bit clunky (everything takes a few clicks longer than it needs to, URLs are unwieldy, etc.).

Have folks found something more elegant, preferably with bookmarkable URLs (I'd also be happy with a free/open desktop app that generates text I can copy/paste into an email)? seems decent but paywalls even basic features like "more than 4 cities".

@eloquence Although not quite what you are looking for, but I have found the Poll app for NextCloud useful in the mix when trying to schedule at time slot for international meetings. It's a FOSS alternative to "Doodle." See:

@eloquence note to self: look up the CLI tool I use. Someone at Fedora uses it for meeting invitations, and I know I have it checked out somewhere, but I'm AFK right now

@michel_slm oh nice! this looks like something I could get into

@nemobis ah cool, that looks very handy for meeting announcements!

@eloquence is very practical for planning but not necessarily announcing :) Also unfortunately has some features behind a login. but I cannot do without this user interface...

@despens That is a very nice at-a-glance presentation, definitely one of the better ones I've seen. Thank you!

@eloquence Sorry, first message was off base – I just use and manually fiddle with times until it comes out right.

For asking for opinions internationally, I really like since its time zone support is automatic and seamless. But its interface can confuse people used to Doodle.

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