This weekend I played "Sunset", a 2015 game by Belgian indie developer Tale of Tales. Sunset's commercial failure caused the small studio to give up on making games altogether.

It's a remarkable game in its storytelling ambition. You play a housekeeper in a fictional Central American country who becomes immersed in political intrigue. The gameplay is confined to a single apartment.

In spite of the fascinating premise, it never comes together as a game. My review:

@eloquence I have so much love for the tiny gamedev authors trying their very best. You might have heard me rave about Iconoclasts. Very different game with very different gameplay, but if you have any love for the Metroidvania genre, I really recommend it.

Give the story a chance, though. It's good but takes a while to get into.


@JordiGH Dang that does look gorgeous! I am very much an adventure guy but occasionally I get sucked in by a puzzle platformer or metroidvania :). Played the hell out of Castlevania Symphony on the GBA back in the day ..

@eloquence Ooh, you might be into it, then. Castlevania on GBA is a similar sort of mechanic.

Beware: the story is very dark, even though the pixel art is bright and colourful! It's all the work of one guy over 7 years, though: writing, programming, artwork, and music is all him.

Have you been playing lots of modern adventure games? Blackwell Legacy, Kathy Rain, that sort of thing?

@JordiGH yes, both of those! And sooo many more left in my backlog :)

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