I'm finally getting back into RSS feeds. Right now I'm using which seems to do the important things: sync state between Android app & web; save stories for later. It's also, surprisingly, open source - but the author makes money by hosting it as a service ($3/month for the premium version).

Looking at my feed, I currently have 50% gaming blogs (mostly super nerdy ones like, 50% everything else :-)

@eloquence i've been using newsblur for... the better part of a decade, by now? it's a chunkier piece of software than i might want, in some ways, and i'm disappointed that it uses google analytics, but in general it keeps right on chugging and is the kind of thing i'm happy to pay a subscription to support.

@brennen @eloquence I could make exactly the same comment about it myself--both the mild criticism and the longtime paid subscription.


Thanks a lot, really enjoying poking around the blogosphere again :-)

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