Playing Gabriel Knight (1993 adventure game) for the first time. It's wonderfully atmospheric, and a bit disorienting to play a video game in 2021 with full voice acting by the likes of Tim Curry & Mark Hamill, set in the modern world but at a time before even email was commonplace.

The soundtrack is one of the more underrated 1990s gaming soundtracks, perhaps not quite as amazing as Monkey Island but with some beautiful tracks. Here's the bookshop theme, for example:

@eloquence i never played this, but i read every issue of _pc gamer_ for most of the 90s, and i remember how obsessed the writers all seemed to be with it


I can definitely see why. While it holds its share of 1990s adventure game frustrations (puzzles that require a looot of trial and error if you don't use a walkthrough), the way the plot unfolds over several game days gives the game a cinematic quality of progression. The voice acting & overall production quality help as well.

@eloquence Is that from the original '99 game? We got a copy of the remake version from the 2011 Kickstart. I still haven't played it, though.

I do remember playing the original when it came out, though. It was the first time I'd played a game with such an engaging story and atmosphere.


Yep, it's based on the Roland SC-55 output from the 1993 game, with some reverb enhancements:

Can you get the game to play those tracks in-game as well?
I discovered a while back that with the right upscaling filters in DosBox and a soft synth with appropriate soundboards, those old gems almost look and sound as good as I remember them ;)

I never heard an actual MT-32 but believe that that was typically the reference used for composing the track? Makes a big difference compared to what a SoundBlaster delivered at least judging by messing with DosBox..

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