I'm going to share this New Republic article about Gates' influence on access to medicine one more time, because it's so important to critically examine the role of philanthropy.

The Gates Foundation and Gates' philanthropy are, in many ways, the best case scenario for billionaire interventions in public health. Even here, "philanthropy" becomes an extension of the founder's destructive ideology.

Imagine what could be done if we just taxed this wealth properly.

In saying this, I'm not suggesting that taxes are _enough_. Capitalism is fundamentally broken, and taxing/regulating a destructive system that behaves in a manner analogous to a cancer is not enough (it will still eat away at us, just more slowly).

Returning to reasonable levels of taxation & using that tax revenue to invest in public well-being is only the most modest of beginnings.

@eloquence Gates made his money through antitrust, and it really seems to me that he made the B&M Gates Foundation at around the same time it looked like he couldn't keep getting away with antitrust.

But a foundation can take corporate cash and do whatever it wants to influence society, and that's not antitrust, it's "public benefit" even when it influences policy to benefit certain corporations and countries..

@eloquence giant corporations and billionaires are already paying, in their mind, the right amount of taxes, because they and their lobbyists created the current tax laws and loop holes.

Haven't read this article, yet.

But why using such strange demonising graphics?
Do not feed the trolls with it.

@nurinoas @gert

These types of decisions are often made by editors without much or any involvement by the author. I agree, it's a poor choice (I think they were trying to be too clever, riffing on the anti-vaxxer portrayal of Gates) - but the article is well-researched and worth the read.

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