So far I've largely successfully ignored the whole thing, though I agree that the ecological impact of many NFT approaches should of course _not_ be ignored.

What strikes me is how uncomfortable, culturally, we still are with abundance and the end of ownership. The idea of a society where humans can live dignified lives while building upon cultural works without constraints has a much harder time gaining ... currency. Capitalism overshadows our thinking and dominates our discourse.

re: NFTs 

@eloquence My definition of ownership seems somewhat stuck in the 20th century. It transfers very nicely to the 21st if only publishers would let it!

I'm happy perfectly owning a copy, even if it is digital on my harddrive...


@eloquence I've been really struck by the other side of this coin: the speed with which people see a new thing they think they can exploit to make money, and jump feet first in to the deep end.

You can see how quickly the idea spools up and people will do anything, no matter how half baked, to get in on it while the hype is still there.

I can't help but imagine a world where there's no impetus for that kind of behavior, and then compare it to the teeming mass of wants that we are right now. Feels bad.

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