The second most-played game in my library is "Into the Breach" by Subset Games. So I had to finally write a review! Here it is:

In short, it's a great turn-based strategy game, dark in its overall tone, with very tight mechanics bringing to mind some of the best 16 and 32-bit classics like "Advance Wars". Highly recommended for any fans of the genre.

@eloquence how is it compared to Faster Than Light? i like ftl but it feels too randomly generated where it feels unfair sometimes. i've heard that itb is better balanced, but what's your opinion?


It's definitely much kinder to the player, IMO -- there's the occasional map that feels almost unwinnable, but the game has more built-in buffer before permadeath. It took me ~100 hours to get a full FTL victory at "normal" and only 10 (if that) for ITB.

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