Hi folks! My employer, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, which is a fancy-ish way to say "keep websites running and automate all the things" :)

- Open to junior/entry-level
- Open to remote work in American time zones
- Mentoring included
- You get paid to help protect freedoms that are under imminent threat.

Great role if you're looking to start a career in infrastructure work with mission focus. Questions? DM! :)


Well, I definitely wouldn't mind a job (any job, really), but I'm way over here in Canada 😭

Good luck with the search!!


For clarity "Open to remote work in American time zones" includes Canada. We have two remote workers in Canada already. :)

@eloquence Heya! Great to see this here 🙂

Out of curiosity, have you guys looked into using Nix and/or Guix for the configs and deploys?


No, we've not looked seriously into Nix/Guix yet.

People, seriously, take a jab at what @eloquence mentioned in the parent toot.

If I didn't have a pretty amazing and mission-focused job already, I would be all over it in a flash.

@eloquence How do you literally begin training to be hireable for such a lovely position?


In this case, we deliberately are setting out someone who may just be starting in their career: while they should be comfortable writing code and working with typical sysadmin tooling, a formal or professional quality to that experience is not absolutely required. Hence the "Associate" level of the role.

Given this, there are many ways to gain the minimum level of experience, and you may already have it. :)

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