At final in my hometown of Portland, Oregon (). Great unconference format, lots of interesting sessions coming up. They have a LibraryBox running ( for sharing interesting resources with attendees - neat! :)

@eloquence final as in...the last one you'll be able to attend? Or...?

@eryn @eloquence Final as in there will be no more OSB conferences. I'm glad I was able to attend one while I could.

@cstanhope @eloquence oh no...what happened? I've been out of the loop, very sad that circumstanced prevented me from attending this year...

@eryn @eloquence I don't know, and I don't wish to speculate aloud. But this was in the email I received announcing the 2018 OSB:

"Open Source Bridge has always been run by a dedicated group of volunteers. While the conference has been hugely meaningful for us, personally and professionally, the amount of unpaid labor required to put on a 4-day conference like this isn’t sustainable indefinitely."

@eryn @cstanhope

FYI, the Open Source Bridge team recommends [1] using this newly established chat room:

to discuss potential future avenues to get together online and face-to-face.

[1] See

definitely going to jump in there...thank you so so much for the info!

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