Dear Social.Coop Folxs: we now have 500 characters as post limit in our mastodon instance.

I think that having a higher limit may allow deeper posts and conversations.

I've searched on our Loomio space to see if it was discussed before but couldn't find any mention or reason why it is so.

Is anyone interested to discuss a proposal to increase this limit? Or do I had to propose that directly in Loomio?

Sorry I'm new here and still learning the customs. 😊

Thanks a lot...

@edumerco OK. I just asked in the Matrix chat and linked to your toot. We'll see what the crew has to say.

@edumerco I don't recall any proposals to extend it, but it's certainly worth discussing. It may be just as effective to start the conversation here -- maybe poll people about it?


Then if it's OK with you, I'd happily start a poll to check if this is an issue or not with our community. Then if it's an issue for some, we can make a proposal.

A classic 5 pt Likert scale with something like "The current 500 chars limit is...":
1 (perfect for me)
5 (definitively too short)

As I understand it, now we cannot limit this poll to our instance, but it can be published as "unlisted" in the federated timeline. Is this right?

@edumerco @Matt_Noyes @moon_baron I don't know. No one responded in the Matrix chat. It might take a couple days.

@jotaemei @Matt_Noyes @moon_baron

Thanks, no hurry. :)
When it's ok, I'll make the poll. You'll tell me (I'm new in this community). :)

@Matt_Noyes @jotaemei @moon_baron

Just did it. I had to make it shorter because of the 4 items limit (didn't knew there was a limit, and there are some discussions about it).

Anyway, I left it open for 7 days.

Should we talk about this or point to it in Loomio or other member places?

@edumerco @moon_baron @Matt_Noyes If it’s on Loomio, I believe emails will be sent out inviting people to vote, and there will be an announcement here too on

@jotaemei @moon_baron @Matt_Noyes

Thanks MJ. I can do that, but since it's my first time, does anyone like to make it so I can learn, or do you prefer me to go ahead in Loomio? :)

@Matt_Noyes @moon_baron
Sorry... If I start the discussion in Loomio directly or someone more experienced in that context does it while I learn.
Thanks... :)

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