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On the positive side of things I'm also enjoying learning about intake and dask for managing datasets:


Mostly I've just been digging the simplicity of intake's idea of a catalog for keeping track of data sources, schemas and drivers for pulling in heterogeneous data to DataFrames.

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I'm back working in Python for a little bit after 6 months of mostly Ruby. It's nice to be able to easily figure out where classes and functions are coming from again.

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For those of us into participatory design, @rra recently gave a session / wrote a paper based on experiences from a project which made heavy use of Co-op Cloud: 👏




But a reference book it is not, so it is perfect for one of my neighborhood's free little libraries.

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This was a surprisingly good read about the history of neural networks in computing, focused on the tangled web of people involved. I liked it because Metz doesn't shy away from the ethical issues and controversies--which actually become a bit of a backbone to the book. It paired well with this interview with Hassabis, which I happened to listen to:

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On lui doit un peu plus de sécurité sur Internet.
Le papa de HTTPS Everywhere et #LetsEncrypt s'appelait Peter Eckersley, il vient de mourir.

I'm feeling really proud of my kid Charlie for picking a humanities major (history) and diving into learning new languages.

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Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

What I've been listening to this week: The Green Kingdom / Maps and Diagrams (31), Lomelda (11), Viul & Benoît Pioulard (11)

The latest Internet Histories is a double issue about about Dead and Dying Platforms:

I'm fortunate to be at an institution with access but my last uni didn't subscribe, and I know many aren't even working in academia. So DM me if you want a zip of all the articles.

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It's definitely a general interest story, and uses broad strokes, but there are some good stories in Genius Makers: like how DeepMind turned down Facebook's (much better) offer to buy them because, unlike Google, FB wouldn't take the potential threats of Machine Learning / AI seriously.

dall_e("Three little birds in a dense forest in the style of MC Escher.")

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We soft-announced the next #ournetworks a couple weeks ago and I thought I should share the call here!

Our Networks 2047: Redistributing the Future
November 14 – 27, 2022
Online, Distributed

After a year of hibernation, we're excited to invite you to join us for an experimental online event - something between an alternate reality conference, and wiki as collaborative science fiction. Drawing inspiration from our favourite sci-fi authors we’re headed to a future for Our Networks 2̶0̶2̶2̶ 2047.

We are seeking session leaders to spend at max a couple hours writing abstracts and pitches for the hypothetical conference programming and spending some time checking in on a wiki over the two weeks of the event.
To declare your interest, please submit a character’s name and bio, area of interest or talk by October 15, 2022. More details here:

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harassment on fedi, unsafe blocking 

blocks on fedi aren't necessarily safe, private, or might not even work as you expect.

if you block a remote user, this spawns a federating message which can be abused. let me explain. 🧵👇 (1/5)

What I've been listening to this week: Parquet Courts (18), Radiohead (12), Rustic Mascara (10)

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