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I've got an unexpected Friday night off with K, so we're gonna throw our homework on the fire and take our bikes downtown to see Everything All at Once at the local theater. Maybe get a pint on the way? This is livin'

It's so impressive that Pharoah Sanders in his mid 70s heard Floating Points on the radio, and reached out to Sam Shepherd to collaborate on what was to become Promises, his first album in almost two decades.

Dear Fediverse, would anyone with an Archivaria subscription be willing to download and send it to me at ???

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software question 

what's a database that can be used for a python code that runs in an hpc queue and deals nicely with time series (e.g. querying them by time range)?

I just discovered that Laurie Anderson gave a series of 6 online lectures at Harvard entitled Spending the War Without You:

1. The River
2. The Forest
3. Rocks
4. The Road
5. The City
6. Birds

I bookmarked them here if you are interested:

Stranger Things 

As much as I've been enjoying Stranger Things 4, I can't help but being reminded of Scientology and its notion of being "clear" in the logic of which people are susceptible to Vecna.

That being said, I thought it was pretty cool to see Music being brought into the story itself, not simply as part of a soundtrack.

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“The largest known plant on Earth - a seagrass roughly three times the size of Manhattan - has been discovered off the coast of Australia.

Using genetic testing, scientists have determined a large underwater meadow in Western Australia is in fact one plant.

It is believed to have spread from a single seed over at least 4,500 years.”

I'm finally getting into the flow of The Dawn of Everything. It's written in a very accessible conversational way--maybe the result of two authors collaborating? At the same time it is densely packed with references and citations for more reading if you want. The argument that human history is much richer and less linear than we (at least in the US) are typically taught in school is really giving me joy and hope.

What I've been listening to this week: Taylor Swift (13), David Bowie (11), Dustin O'Halloran (11)

🔖 Hold & Release Partyline - Varia Concretely, over two days we want to begin to rethink digital library software, starting from Calibre. We'll do this through a range of hands-on experiments, exploring analog, digital and social interfaces between texts and readers. We will depart on this journey with a collection of zines that have been gathered in Varia as material to start rethinking extensible library systems through.

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Second Bests

In the degradation of the great way
come benevolence and righteousness.
With the exaltation of learning and prudence
comes immense hypocrisy.
The disordered family
is full of dutiful children and parents.
The disordered society
is full of loyal patriots.

--Ursula Le Guin

I had my first Mastodon only friend RL meetup this week at and it was the best, talking about what we like, questions we have, how we ended up on here. Highly recommended!

👋 @mark

What I've been listening to this week: The American Analog Set (26), Ahmed Malek (15), Alon Eder (13)

🔖 Archiving microcinemas on paper and online | M Campos-Quinn "While the Webrecorder project does create tools for developers and people working on large-scale automated projects, two tools in particular are geared towards more or less regular people: and As the names suggest these two tools are for capturing sites and then replaying the bundle of files each capture creates. Since 2008, the WA

Web Archives in Repositories I’m fortunate to be back at code4lib again this year. It gives
me hope to see this conference working in the same spirit as it started
out with, albeit with much honed mechanics. It is also refreshing to be
talking about someone else’s work, in this case the work of the
Webrecorder project, rather than my own.

One of the dire pitfalls of PhD research, and academia more generally,
is the tendency to focus so much on your own int

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It's a good time to remember CWs, folks who are talking about the latest atrocity in the US.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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I initially joined in 2018, but it didn't click for me. But in April, like many of you I arrived back here, this time on I feel like I've found an online.

So this week on my podcast I interviewed one of the loudest evangelists of decentralized social networks, Darius Kazemi. He's a computer programmer, digital artist, and runs I enjoyed learning from him and hope you do too.

Amy Ruskin on why it was useful for the Boston Research Center to use their own Wikibase rather than Wikidata proper:

- Notability concerns
- Privacy controls
- Control of data model (no property proposal process)
- Edit access (mitigate vandalism, unwanted edits)

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