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Reading this and reflecting on how code4lib is now an Institution.

The headlines matter, but don't let them fool you--it doesn't stop:

It must stop.

I had to take a break early from conferencing...the content is excellent but I forgot how much energy it takes sitting in a big room of people watching all these talks.

I enjoyed this conversation with Ben Striegel about the early history of Rust and how it has evolved as a language

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I don't know if there's space but I kinda want to have a Library Genesis breakout at -- anyone up for that?

I made it to Buffalo, NY for -- my first time at this conference in what feels like a very long time.

The only good thing about a ✈️ being delayed is when it's the connection from another delayed ✈️

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I wrote a thing to get it out of my system but am now wondering what I've missed from this list.

What would you add?

🔖 Community, Time, and (Con)text: A Dynamical Systems Analysis of Online Communication and Community Health among Open‐Source Software Communities The present work takes a dynamical systems view of language to understand the ways in which communicative context and community membership shape the emergence and impact of language use—specifically, sentiment and expressions of gratitude. We then present evidence that these language dynamics

I can't really explain why, other than curiosity, but I'm looking for a good history of the periodic table from a STS or historical perspective. I guess it is fascinating to me that it even works as a data visualization and want to know more about how it came to be in the shape it's in.

NOLA A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be able to attend a meeting of the
Archiving the Black Web
project that was hosted by Shift Collective in the
beautiful Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans.

There was much discussion during this intimate and restorative two day
summit, some of which I expect will see some public reporting in the
coming year. One of the incredibly moving things that happened was when
our group visited the corner of Press and
Royal, wh

There is a big difference between a kung-an and a math problem--the solution of the math problem is included in the problem itself, while the response to the kung-an lies in the life of the practitioner.

-- Thich Nhat Hanh


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I’m trying to write quarterly updates on the technical side of the UK Web Archive, in case that’s of interest?!

One of my fav music discord servers just sprouted a crypto room and now I just want to leave.

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The New Stack just published an interview with me called "Why Developers Should Experiment with the Fediverse":

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