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For me late > early, although I guess they kind of fit together like a puzzle.

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I saw several announcements that Wittgenstein's works were now out of copyright, but of course the situation is more complicated:

btw, here's my neovim setup so far, some of it accreted options carried over from my use of vim. I've never shared my vim config before, so suggestions are welcome!

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While setting up a new machine for work I took the opportunity to spend a couple days learning my way around neovim, specifically LSP.

I'm an old vim user, and am still learning, but I think I might actually be able to not go crawling back to VSCode for complex projects. A new trick for an old dog.

🔖 spacetelescope/jwst: Python library for science observations from the James Webb Space Telescope Python library for science observations from the James Webb Space Telescope - spacetelescope/jwst: Python library for science observations from the James Webb Space Telescope

🔖 The Accession Numbers Project "The goal of the “Accession Numbers” project is to compile a catalog of machine-readable patterns for identifying and extracting accession numbers in arbitrary bodies of text for as many museums and cultural heritage organizations as possible."

🔖 Responsible JavaScript If we want people to fully experience the sites we have worked so hard to craft, then we must be judicious in our use of JavaScript. In thoughtful detail, Jeremy Wagner shows how JavaScript can be used to progressively enhance server-side functionality, while improving speed and access for more visitors.

Farewell Year that the Albatross came to the Southwestern Halls. What will the new year bring?

Having so much New Years fun perusing Alf Eaton's album of the year lists:

One of my quirky new years resolutions is to diversify licorice barnds. I disliked licorice growing up, but I've found myself constantly picking it up at our Trader Joe's now that I'm old. If you like licorice tell me what brand you like?

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"[...] as a pedagogic project, I find #Processing actively uninterested in its own underlying materiality, aspiring instead to a kind of disembodied and bland #universality. Students are encouraged to explore the “world at large” by adding additional layers of #technology in the form of sensors, rather than considering all the ways the technologies they use are already engaged with the world. The project’s “neutral” aesthetics, while dimly echoing a once-radical #Bauhaus #aesthetic, ignore the larger pedagogic program of the historical Bauhaus’s engagement and #experimentation with the materials of its contemporary, technical production."
Welcomed critique (finally!) of Processing, #CaseyReas
#JohnMaeda, Design by Numbers (#DBN) with the perspectives given by the vernacular #ImageMagick and #SeymourPapert #LOGO.
"Torn at the seams: #vernacular approaches to #teaching with #computational tools" by #MichaelMurtaugh in the publication "Vernaculars come to #matter, (re)orienting #language and #technology" by #vvvvvvaria @manetta @ccl and #JulieBoschatThorez
#bricolage #pedagogy

🔖 Behold as a mechanical foghorn in Shetland awakes from its year-long slumber | Aeon Videos This brief piece from the UK filmmaker J J Jamieson transports viewers to the Sumburgh Lighthouse in Shetland, in the far north of Scotland, for the annual sounding of its recently refurbished foghorn. With an artful editing style, the short video captures the intricate, elegant mechanics that awake the p

I gave out a lot of As this semester. We should all give each other more As.

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Questions for fedizens who are "hard of hearing" "partially deaf" etc.

Part 1 of n

I once got medical hearing aids which cost $4800 which was partly paid by insurance after a year, and which sorta worked but not very well.

Then my daughter took me to a Bose shop in the Chicago suburbs to try some which were enormously better for about $300.

They lasted for about a year, after which Bose replaced them on warranty. Twice. Then Bose discontinued the product.


PS. It also has an excellent soundtrack by Dan Deacon, which has been separately released.

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