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Thank you Epson for maintaining the manual for your dual floppy drive from 1993 online on your FTP.

With millions of others I watched & enjoyed Taylor Swift's reimagined All Too Well on SNL; but I had missed the earlier story of what caused her to re-record her own music:

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cURL Release Webinar – Featuring Post Quantum cURL! Thursday November 18 at 09:00 Pacific Time (17:00 UTC, 18:00 CET) - see you there!

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software freedom beyond RMS 

seeing a great thread about how to talk about this without talking about him.

I sympathize with the impulse. It echoes an earlier struggle to talk about and teach without continuing to elevate another three-lettered self-inserted software sage, whose contributions have been more modest. I'm not going to name him (yeah, of course it's "him"). So, I've been thinking about how to balance an honest accounting & appraisal of the history without undue, even harmful, valorization.

I just noticed that cURL is thinking about what happens when public-key-cryptography can be broken with quantum computers?!

Are other tools doing this kind of work already?

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.  ☆

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Hello Fediverse!

The Wikibase Ecosystem grows [1].
The Wikibase Stakeholders unite [2].
We will keep you informed on our news, projects [3] and cool Wikibase extensions.


What I've been listening to this week: champignonsdesbois (14), The War on Drugs (13), hania rani (12)

Fall The view through the window, by my desk, on an overcast November day.


It gives me joy & hope seeing posts in the fediverse today. I'm thinking about Aaron's work on RSS and Markdown, which were standards that respected the web as an ecology with values as much as a technology. I think Aaron would have liked it here.

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There is lots to criticize about the web as it currently is.

But without it we'd be completely beholden to Apple's App Store and Google Play to share interactive experiences (apps, whatever...) with all the other users of the world.

So unless you only care to cater to the extremely small minority of users who side-load on Android, the web, with all its warts, is the way to go.

Embrace it.

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Saturday is Aaron Swartz day.

10am – 6pm US/Pacific.

He would have turned 35 this week.

Please join.

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NEW DESIGN CONGRESS x @entreprecariat



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🔖 Ferguson Rises How does a father find purpose in pain? In 2014, Michael Brown Sr.’s son was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, an event that fueled the global Black Lives Matter movement. But his personal story seeking justice and healing has not been told until now.

🔖 Digital Lockers: Archiving Social Media Evidence of Atrocity Crimes | Human Rights Center "Digital Lockers" looks at models for archiving digital information, including the structures, funding, and management of archives, lessons from previous experience, and the legal, political, technical, financial, and operational challenges likely to arise in the creation of a digital evidence lo

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Nice piece on David Graeber:

Love this quote re: Abdullah Ocalan of the PKK:

> As an anarchist, he had a certain discomfort with the portraits of Ocalan that were everywhere in Rojava, Graeber told one interviewer — but a leader in jail for life was a leader he could tolerate.

Sorry, just some reflections on reading the second chapter in this Best American Science & Nature Writing of 2020 -- which is so good...

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