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I got to hear a fun presentation today from some folks at the National Library of Scotland about which provides an index to online books in library collections around the world:

Afterwards I requested a DuckDuckGo !Bang command for it. 🤞

Amy Goodman in conversation with Daniel Ellsberg and Ed Snowden on the 50th anniversary of the release of the Pentagon Papers (free/online Saturday at 1:30pm EDT):

Bookmarked: Anarchist Theory and Practice | KPFA 00pm
What is anarchism? Many have discovered that it’s not about breaking windows or planting bombs, but what are anarchism’s core tenets, and what has anarchism looked like in practice? Dana Ward considers anarchist theory, history, and practice.

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I'm really looking forward to the new album from Colleen. Here is a recent video release:

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I'm in free to attend talk/panel tonight about #experimental #publishing
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5-7pm UK time

"Online Panel: Experimental publishing and alternative networked cultures

Convened by Ruth Blacksell and Lozana Rossenova with contributions from Karen Di Franco, Aymeric Mansoux, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak.

The emergence of experimental post-digital publishing over the past decade has opened up new modes and methods of design practice that have allowed for extended relationships between social and media environments. This panel discussion draws on historical as well as contemporary references to examine such approaches through a range of perspectives, spanning the fields of art, graphic design, digital media and software development. The projects and practices discussed in the presentations and subsequent Q&A will consider the shift away from fixed to more fluid forms of publication and acts of publishing that are contingent upon networked, interactive and hybrid (digital/analog) contexts."

Bookmarked: Why Trust A Corporation to Do a Library’s Job? A conversation with "Lurking" author Joanne McNeil and artist/technologist Darius Kazemi. Presented by Library Futures and the Internet Archive, this discussion invites you to explore whether we've traded convenience for the protections that libraries have always offered: privacy, preservation, and equitable access to knowledge.

On a lark a few months ago I made my phone play Road to Nowhere as an alarm in the morning. It has turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant way to wake up, at least the first few bars.

Bookmarked: The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures

Bookmarked: Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42 “It meant everything in the digital universe was going to have to get patched.”

No offense meant to anyone, but I'm unfollowing accounts that are obvious mirrors of Twitter content.

Bookmarked: ArtBase Query Rhizome's SPARQL interface provided by their WikiBase instance. Be sure to click on the lovely Examples that lists some queries to demonstrate what is possible.

Bookmarked: Rhizome Artbase "Rhizome’s custom Wikibase installation provides an opportunity to explore how LOD can benefit archiving and preservation in a heterogeneous born-digital archive. Crucially, Wikibase enables the ArtBase to remain under active development while users interact with it. This facilitates iterative improvement over time by allowing input from various user communities and the broader digital preservation field to be taken into con


The Hemingway doc was interesting and sad. His life was ripped apart by American war, abusive relationships, family mental illness, and alcoholism. It's kind of amazing he got any writing done.

I liked A Farewell to Arms as an undergrad, but I never really felt like I got the Hemingway aesthetic. The doc really conveys what made his writing unique and transformative, and also how very uneven he was as an artist, and flawed (even corrupt) he was as a man.

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this has been asked numerous times but what's the best way to run a website in 2021 that is
1. low cost
2. mutual aid friendly
3. easy to maintain and manage by a non-technical user

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You can enjoy my amazing colleagues and myself presenting the new Rhizome ArtBase next Monday: -- if I survive the weekend of fixing the remaining issues 😉

This is a first step putting it all together: multiple versions per artwork, web archives, emulation, linked open data, SPARQL federation, post custodial infrastructure, etc. The legendary Annet Dekker of Networks of Care fame will be a respondent.

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