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Looking forward to this short workshop just getting started now:

Reflecting on Power and AI: The Case of GPT-3

Listening to Kesa open up her 7th grade English class with Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying:

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"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in 1925, but only entered the public domain last month. Now it's one of the books in this project:

These "illuminated editions" look gorgeous (and expensive); they hint at what would be possible with a larger public domain. Of course Beehive Books relies on restrictive copyright terms to protect the new artwork--we can't seem to shake artificial scarcity even when building new things.

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Yay, my Twitter got locked for being too sarcastic.

Meanwhile, actual COVID deniers post misleading dangerous shit without any problem.

It is almost as if algorithmic moderation is a really terrible idea.

@elizabeengland the video of the talk Stern gave at UMD about the Trump records and PRA is here if you are still curious

Listening to this podcast episode about the use of blockchain technology in infrastructure projects makes me think I should really understand the nuts & bolts of this tech even if I remain skeptical of its deployment.

Does anyone have a good recommendation of a book or other resources to learn about blockchain and smart contracts preferably with code examples?

Bookmarked: Documenting Computer Vision Datasets: An Invitation to Reflexive Data Practices (If they completely ignore archival descriptive practices I'm going to blow a gasket)

I'm really looking forward to this free/online gathering of artists, activists & academics who use print as part of their practice.

“Resistance in the Materials” is a bicoastal event that will center BIPOC artists, scholars, and interventionists (and allies) and celebrate "printing" (broadly construed across many media) as an accessible form of activism capable of leaving its own unique impressions in diverse communities.

Bookmarked: Archival Legibility: Sustainability through Storytelling across Generations | by Jamie Ann Lee | Sustainable Futures | Medium via @trevormunoz & @kfenlon

Speaking of people I miss from the birdsite: I'm really looking forward to getting into a comfy chair and reading this book that just arrived. Her tweets about some of her characters are so well composed and full of pathos: I need to get this twitter/rss bridge set up some time.

I enjoyed this CBC Ideas interview with podcaster Roman Mars about *his* podcast 99% Invisible, and how the pandemic is and isn't transforming cities. PS. He has the best voice:

I feel like I've taken the red pill and started getting lost in matrix protocol land. Do you have any favorite places to hang out?

Really the only thing I miss about being on Twitter is the user footprint. My lastweet bot sends these music updates here and (still) to Twitter. This week one of the artists Halftribe responded to me, which was pretty special.

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mimetypes Today I learned that Python has a mimetypes module, and has ever since Guido von Rossum added it in 1997. Honestly I’m just a bit sheepish to admit this discovery, as someone who has been using Python for digital preservation work for about 15 years. But maybe there’s a good reason for that.
Since the entire version history for Python is available on GitHub (which is a beautiful thing in itself) you can see that the mimetypes module started a

What I've been listening to this week: Halftribe (39), James Blake (36), Moss Covered Technology (25)

Gotta get over my skepticism of recipes that require cutting an onion in half and boiling it with something else.

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