Oh, Hi Precarity, so nice to see you. Not.

In case you are unable to tune in I happened to notice that that the Computing Within Limits conference papers computingwithinlimits.org/2021 are available on GitHub at github.com/computingwithinlimi

Bookmarked: HCI’s Role in the Capitalocene computingwithinlimits.org/2021 In a class of an HCI master program,we have attempted to jointly begin to understand HCI’s role in the capitalocene by studying relevant concepts and empirically investigating specific local yet connected phenomena. With participants being distributed across the globe, we were able to study different shared yet locally specific phenomena inspired by multi-sited ethnography. In this

What I've been listening to this week: Seabuckthorn (22), Japanese Breakfast (17), Arcade Fire (13)


Bookmarked: Mikorizal Software mikorizal.org/ We are developing software for transitioning to the next economy.
Not this economy, the next economy. The next economy must be driven by human and ecological needs rather than profit. And it will be networked.

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Alexandra Elbakyan, founder of sci hub, has just been a guest presenter at the Pixelache #BURN___ festival in Helsinki, at Oodi, the flagship city library

see the interview here

@hugh ooh, thank you! he is on the team mentioned in the article.

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Bookmarked: Ancient Sea Rise Tale Told Accurately for 10,000 Years - Scientific American scientificamerican.com/article Aboriginal stories of lost islands match up with underwater finds in Australia.

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pssst for the past ~6 months when I had a minute I'd tweak on a redesign of QEMU QED and it's finally shareable:


Don't Think inkdroid.org/2021/06/11/dont-t As part of some research I’ve been a part of I’ve recently had the opportunity to do a bit of reading and chatting about the special role of theorizing in research. For some context, Jess, Shawn and I have been spending the past 1/2 a year or so talking about different ways to examine the use of web archives, mostly by looking at links on the web that point at web archives. If you are interested we’re talking about some of this next week a

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shop talk, php 

@redoak yeah, that's definitely true! a teachable moment perhaps for your current client ... or a good reason to find a new one, lol.

shop talk, php 

@redoak alas yes, forward looking maintenance is almost never the goal (although it definitely should be).

shop talk, php 

@redoak I have lived that before. I don't want to minimize how much of a pain it can be, but on the plus side, if you get good at dealing with that situation (iteratively improving the codebase) you will be a superstar. Working effectively with legacy code is probably one of the most important skills to have as a software developer. (I suck at it).

Bookmarked: Ethics in Dreamwork and Teaching Dreamwork - International Association for the Study of Dreams asdreams.org/ethics/

@akkartik @viznut I feel dumb, I couldn't find out how to join the conference as an attendee. was I missing it on the website?

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