@sam_hames @betsybookworm not sure if communicating here about twarc2 will work -- but maybe for short updates?

I just pushed up some changes so that all of the client functionality is available via a twarc2 command, e.g.

twarc2 search-recent auspol > tweets.jsonl

Run twarc2 for the help :-)

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@bibliotechy yeah, I don't feel like I've reached my limit where I am, but maybe that some other people have reached their limit with me, and technical expertise in general -- if that makes any sense.

@wilkie been thinking about this, and can't come up with anything better - that was so on point!

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@redoak @Greg nice - I actually saw GWAR twice while in highschool.

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@redoak Beavis & Butthead?

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Social.Coop members -- tired of using surveillance capitalist platforms for video conferencing? Sign up for your account on our new BigBlueButton instance. Open source and cooperative.


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thank you @anelki -- it really makes a huge difference to know that ❤️

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what's your favorite song about the depressing inevitability of mankind's destruction via climate change? mine is Dear Miami by Róisín Murphy youtube.com/watch?v=5inPre_Eqx

work, isolation 

I've been struggling a bit at work for the past few months feeling like my contributions as a technologist are no longer needed/wanted, & even that what I do as a professional is a source of problems. I'm not sure what to do with this other than write it down, slow down, and try to find understanding.

I'm upping my monthly social.coop contribution a bit to help support the new meet.coop (BigBlueButton) collaboration.


@pbx it looked like mostly Safari from what I saw.

I kinda wish parts of pinboard were open source so people could help out here and there, kinda like how @duckduckgo make pieces available. I sent Maciej an email asking and he sent back a thoughtful message about why he hasn't been focused on it. Basically he is already using significant pieces of open source tech, and there are also anti-spam / anti-abuse measures in the code that he would rather not have public.

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I opted-in to paying pinboard.in $22/year instead of $0/year even though I didn't need to as an old-timer. It's good to support the services you use regularly, and I use pinboard every day. Plus, Maciej has a pretty good sense of humor.

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