For some reason I was sent two copies of James Bridle's new book Ways of Being. If you would like the extra one send your name & address to

& speaking of designing with Intermittent Computing Alex Nathanson gave a super presentation about the Solar Protocol, a global installation that routes web traffic to servers that are currently powered by sunlight.



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new book 

I was reading about Pharoah Sanders on Wikipedia and before I knew what was happening I ordered this with a gift certificate I got for my birthday.

We lucked out with another good film tonight. This time it was Maudie, about the life of folk artist Maud Lewis:


TIL about pv (pipe viewer), a twenty year old (almost!) Unix utility that lets you see a progress bar for data as it moves through a pipeline:

This actually scratched an itch I had, so I dropped some 💰 into Andrew Wood's PayPal tip jar.

Reading this and reflecting on how code4lib is now an Institution.

Here's a new quote I learned from Holly Smith at Archiving the Black Web this week:

"Not all speed is movement." - Toni Cade Bambara, On the Issue of Roles.

Bambara was talking about liberatory political strategy, but (and maybe this is a stretch) it also resonated with me when thinking about sustainable work more generally.

I had a chance to visit Studio Be in New Orleans today, what an amazing space and neighborhood, reborn from Katrina.

My daughter loves this venerable toy she got as a 🎁 for her birthday. I was impressed with how many languages the instructions came in--although I guess instructions are barely needed, except for learning how it keeps your score.

I picked this up on the recommendation of several people on the Past Inside the Present Discord (which has been a gold mine for experimental music recommendations).

I've noticed that this Japanese Maple (I think) in my neighborhood looks the same in the Spring as it does in the Fall. I feel silly asking this, like I've never paid attention in my ~50 years of living,, but is that a thing with 🌳 in general?

The Document Academy 2022 theme is Document Disease:

I guess it's kind of an obvious theme given the pandemic, but I like how they have inflected it in the CFP:

This just just arrived from in St Cloud, Minnesota.

I'm only a dabbler in these professions, but I'm looking forward to dipping in anyway.

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