Sandwich 🥪 Last night I noticed Darius Kazemi post about a little web page that displays a random sandwich from a list of Sandwiches on Wikipedia. It tickled me, probably because the page is so simple (view the source), and also because the results were so delightfully varied, within such a narrow domain. Also, I guess I was hungry...

It just so happens that for some things at work I’ve been thinking about Wikidata a bit more recently. For the past year o

This just arrived, so I opened it up and started reading and I'm already sucked's goooood writing and thinking.

Another "user" started doing this too, so I guess my whitelisting of allowed actions wasn't enough to block the shell commands in the action. I'll just have to disable actions altogether for the moment.

GitHub have since added a form option for cryptocurrency mining when reporting abuse:

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bought some new (or at least newly translated) fiction

I'll be working with students this week to help them visualize Maryland's COVID vaccination data using Pandas. So I worked ahead and joined the county level vaccination dataset with a county populations dataset:

Wandering aimlessly in looking at jobs, I find my eyes are drawn more to reviews like this:

The Webrecorder folks asked participants where people wanted to store their web archives. I was in the smallest category (static web site). It's interesting to see people wanting to use their organization's storage.

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Teaching OOP in the Time of COVID I’ve been teaching a section of the Introduction to Object Oriented Programming at the UMD College for Information Studies this semester. It’s difficult for me, and for the students, because we are remote due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The class is largely asynchronous, but every week I’ve been holding two synchronous live coding sessions in Zoom to discuss the material and the exercises. These have been fun because t

GPT-3 Jam One of the joys of pandemic academic life has been a true feast of online events to attend, on a wide variety of topics, some of which are delightfully narrow and esoteric. Case in point was today’s Reflecting on Power and AI: The Case of GPT-3 which lived up to its title. I’ll try to keep an eye out for when the video posts, and update here.

The workshop was largely organized around an exploration of whether GPT-3, the largest known machine lear

OpenAI started in 2015 as a non-profit to help insure that there is viable open AI tech.

But in 2019 OpenAI needed more compute power and staff so they incorporated as part of Microsoft.

Here is a screen cap of the pricing model for their closed API (shared as part of this talk).

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Speaking of people I miss from the birdsite: I'm really looking forward to getting into a comfy chair and reading this book that just arrived. Her tweets about some of her characters are so well composed and full of pathos: I need to get this twitter/rss bridge set up some time.

Northwest Branch Cairn Here is a short recording and a couple photos from my morning walk along the Northwest Branch trail with Penny. I can’t go every day but at 7 months old she has tons of energy, so it’s generally a good idea for all concerned to go at least every other morning. And it’s a good thing, because the walk is surprisingly peaceful, and it’s such a joy to see her run through the woods.
After walking about 30 minutes there is this little cair

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