Here’s what Twitter activity mentioning Vines looks like before & after the shuttering of the service & the introduction of the Vine archive.

I think it provides a useful illustration of how archival content can continue to circulate on the web & why the web needs archivists.

So many stories about archives on the web center on link rot and abandonment, and not enough on the (largely understudied) successes of owning our archival responsibilities on the web.


Figuring out how to architect the Vine archive for this outcome was no small feat, and should be a prototypical example for how to design for the web archive.

… now if only any of the people involved would return my calls :-) If you've got a lead please let me know!

btw, that chart image was a slide in a brief talk I gave this morning:

Archives on the Web: The Curious Case of the Vine Archive

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