I spent much of my Friday evening talking web archives with activists in the Philippines dealing with the Marcos "election".

They want to combat widespread disinformation campaigns mobilized in social media (FB, Twitter) by archiving this content before it is deleted.

But more importantly, they want web archives that are easily accessible, verifiable, and difficult to delete.

We demo'd which can publish web archives on IPFS, and may be part of a solution?

We definitely need more venues for discussions like this, since a one-and-done doesn't really cut it.

@edsu webpackage/webbundle doesn't admit to being useful for archiving, but a format that origins can self sign to ease delivery, make content transferable sounds divine.

the main gotcha is that everything is dns name encoded, and since dns owners can change, there's fear about letting the content bundles be useful for >7 days. but with systems like certificate transparency, the ideal is that, hey, we can go look up and say, i went to the site a year ago and they gave me this bundle, and look, the keys match, it was in fact definitely them who minted this signed webpage bundle for me.

but very happy you're finding some good helpful tech to deploy. we cannot abide the chaos of a world where the evidence of itself constantly disappears. to make the reality of things unknowable is against the human spirit, against being itself.

@jauntywunderkind420 thanks for that, yes it's kind of a shame that webpackage doesn't work for the archival use case. But there is a lot of prior art with the WARC standard, that is now getting some additional things added around it (manifests, signatures, etc) as WACZ I'm hopeful!

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