Epic Fail This weekend my daughter went to continue reading an ebook she has available to her from her public elementary school on the Epic Reading Platform.

When she went to advance to the next page she was presented with an error message saying that the book was only available during school hours, and she would need to subscribe for $9.99/month.

If you still remember physical textbooks, can you imagine being forced to pay a company a monthly fee to brin

@edsu That be the worst example of "intellectual property enclosure" that I have ever seen.
The most obviously insane.
And unintentionally teaching the kids to hate capitalism!
A twofer!

And the worst bit is the fact that if scholars and authors created a library of public and open-source text books, colleges and school districts would most likely be prohibited from using them. It's a world of very disappointing corruption and manipulation, both of parents and administrators.

@edsu the person/people in your school system that signed that contract should be fined and fired!

@edsu They absolutely don’t want your daughter to like their service. :(

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