TIL about bat, when someone screensharing displayed a YAML file in their terminal. It's quite a bit more pleasing and informative than cat.

I am hopeful about this new generation of command line tools like xsv that are coming out of the Rust community.

... gotta rename that git branch though eh?

@edsu bat is great, I only learned about it recently. I also use ripgrep as my preferred search tool and exa in preference to ls. not seen xsv, will have to take a look...

@petrichor ooh, thanks for these! there should be a list somewhere?

@petrichor not gonna lie, seeing these tools makes me want to learn rust more.

@edsu @petrichor There are a number of lists, such as

The better approach may be, what tools do you regularly use? Then people can suggest alternatives.

@skyfaller @petrichor Thanks for the list! I suspect there's a better way to do this, but here's what history says I use most:

history | perl -ne '/[ 0-9 ]+(\w+)/; print "$1\n";' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | less

jq, curl, grep, find & less look like they could be a good candidates...maybe others? The list goes on for a while :-)

@edsu Personally I find gitui indispensable when using git from the command line:

It lets me do a lot of things that I previously relied on GUIs in e.g. VS Code or GitHub to do. It also helped me discover and use git features I didn't previously know about, such as stashing. Personally I just find it a lot easier to see what's going on in my git repos.

@edsu For cd, I'd check out zoxide:

It remembers where you've been and lets you jump quickly to your desired directory without typing the whole path. For example, I type "z lin" to jump into a directory which has "linode" in the name.

@edsu exa really is a better ls:

But it works better if you have aliases for the various commands it is capable of. For example, I have "exa --tree" aliased to "lt" to get a tree view of the directory I'm in and those below it.

@edsu you may like this episode of The Changelog, Podcast, modern Unix tools:

It's about several such tools. ripgrep, bat, exa, and more.

@edsu I will have to try it out! And I really need to get around to learning Rust...

@betsybookworm me too, we should start a book club or something.

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