🔖 Now is the time to work together toward open infrastructures for scholarly metadata blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocial Discussing the impending loss of Microsoft Academic, the need for more sustainable infrastructures and the contributions these can make to research equity, they outline how stakeholders across the scholarly communications ecosystem can contribute to making open metadata

@edsu it's super important. We also need more interfaces for all that metadata (so that we are not so reliant on Google Scholar).

Economics has pretty good system:
It collects metadata from publishers and other sites (eg. arxiv) and makes it searchable. It has author profiles as well.

@mwt agreed! It was interesting to see respec.org in the top 25 OpenAlex/MAG domains btw.

@edsu is it ranked in terms of the number of papers it got from there? If so, that is surprising.

Economists write very few papers relative to other fields, but the papers are rather long.

@mwt I'm sorry, I thought you were responding to a different post!

It's ranked in terms of the number of rows in the PaperUrls table that is being made available. I outlined the process here:


@edsu oh, cool. If it's the number of metadata fields per paper, then that makes sense.

@mwt i don't think that's what it is. But you can take a look for yourself if you have questions.

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