🔖 Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever.

I can definitely attest to this experience of confusion about the filesystem as I've been teaching undergraduates computer programming over the past few years.

@edsu Interesting read. We get the same with digital design students in Australia.

@edsu Honestly searching for personal files is usually superior. However program engineering requires you to store your code files in an intelligent way so people can easily figure out your code imo.
Don't forget that file and folder setups are still just abstractions to 1s and 0s lol.

@Zach777 yes, I definitely agree--search is super useful. It's just that it's not always clear how it works, which can become more significant when you are browsing rather than looking for a known-item.

Like you said, the filesystem is still very useful for code & data, but things like start to blur the boundaries a bit.

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