I’ve got RSS-Bridge set up to pick up RSS feeds from Facebook pages now. I subscribe to them in Aperture and can read them in my a social reader e.g. Indigenous. That, combined with some Twitter feeds coming from Twitter Atom, is letting me keep up with what’s going on locally pretty well so far.

@neil ive totally been meaning to do this too. does it take much resource-wise to run rss bridge?

@edsu Great question actually - I installed it via YunoHost and haven't checked in to how much resource it is using yet.

It doesn't mention it in the requirements - github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-brid

Checking top on my server, its php process is using 0 cpu at the mo, and minimal memory.

As far as I can see, just provides you with a link to pull back the RSS feed, so resource use would depend how many you have and how often your reader is polling those links I would expect.


@neil thanks! Yeah I figured the number of things it is watching & the polling intervals are key.

@neil do you host your own Aperture? I actually hadn't seen that or Microsub before so thanks for that name drop.

@edsu I don't - but I was literally thinking about this today!

I was thinking about giving it a go and ultimately getting it added as an app to YunoHost, to make it simple for more people to self-host. It has a dependency on Watchtower so that would need doing too, I think.

Currently I use @aaronpk 's hosted aperture.p3k.io (Aaron is also the author of Aperture)

I believe that @jan might host his own Aperture.

@neil I did! Used Docker (Compose) because of the beanstalkd and Redis requirements; everything else is just PHP and two databases (because of Watchtower, which does the polling). The one tricky thing is you have to keep a Watchtower process running as a service. Tried to somewhat document things over at github.com/janboddez/aperture- @edsu @aaronpk

@neil @edsu (Have since been working on a similar but integrated feed reader, which requires only PHP and a single SQL database, so I'm not actively trying to improve my Aperture setup anymore. But it sure ran okay for quite a while.) @aaronpk

@jan @edsu Oooh. That would be great, where can I find out more?

@neil @edsu Well, I jotted down some thoughts in a badly written, unlisted blog post a little while ago. jan.boddez.net/articles/a-most And there's a couple screenshots floating around. geekcompass.com/@jan/105831389 geekcompass.com/@jan/106130724 (The _first_ image in this last toot was my take on Monocle.) I have an instance up that I'd like to open up on an invitation basis and will publish the source, er, "soon."

@jan That's awesome, thanks! I didn't know beanstalk and redis were dependencies too - good to know.

Sadly YunoHost doesn't like Docker so probably wouldn't be able to go that route there, but this is great if I just wanted to self-host myself, thank you.

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