Bookmarked: Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42 “It meant everything in the digital universe was going to have to get patched.”

La necrológica de Mr. Kaminsky, Salvador de internet, es impresionante. Propia de una sociedad muy educada.

Silicon Valley honra a uno de sus héroes. Muerto por complicaciones de su diabetes.

Es además un alma buena. No solo te salvó a vos (literalmente), sino que su empatía y bonomía es encomiable:

"Mr. Kaminsky’s empathy extended to his many side projects. When a friend struggled with color blindness, he developed the DanKam, a mobile app that uses a phone’s camera to decipher colors otherwise indecipherable to the colorblind. When his grandmother Raia Maurer, now 97, experienced hearing loss, he refocused his efforts on hearing-aid technology. And when his aunt, a dermatologist, told him she could no longer treat under-resourced patients for AIDS-related skin diseases, some potentially fatal, in sub-Saharan Africa and Rohingya refugee camps, Mr. Kaminsky helped develop telemedicine tools for the National Institutes of Health and AMPATH, a health project led by Indiana University that he sought to bring to San Francisco during the coronavirus pandemic."

Vale la pena saber su historia.

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