Bookmarked: This Account Doesn’t Exist: Tweet Decay and the Politics of Deletion in the Brexit Debate - Marco Bastos, 2021 While previous studies have found that on average only 4% of tweets disappear, we found that 33% of the tweets leading up to the referendum vote are no longer available. Only about half of the most active accounts that tweeted the referendum continue to operate publicly, and 20% of all accounts are no longer active.

@edsu this has been sticking with me a bunch. so creepy.

"We tested whether partisan content was more likely to disappear and found more messages from the Leave campaign that disappeared than the entire universe of tweets affiliated with the Remain campaign."

some very bad people on the planet, making a lot of fake online voices. world world 3 really has no territory nor borders, and it seems like it's aimed against Democracy.

@edsu it also feels a little bit like POTUS getting kicked off twitter, which is good, but also quite frustrating, that the past would just disappear. we pardoned the president by deleteing all his bad acts from the internet.

i was going to try to call it an anti-streisand effect, where you try and call attention poorly/vocally to something, and you do such a terrible job that your words get moderated & deleted & then no one knows. doesn't entirely fit the metaphor.

@jauntywunderkind420 @edsu Broadcast media like Twitter are no way to engage in public debate. I believe in people's right to speak anonymously, but the way Twitter operates is completely broken, because it's really just a game in which you try to spam your own team's talking points more than the other team spams theirs.

@jauntywunderkind420 @edsu It ends up just being the battle of the memes, and in such a battle lies have the upper hand because it's easier to craft them into nice-sounding stories people will want to believe.

@jauntywunderkind420 I completely agree. I still need to read the article actually, so thanks for your thoughts on this, which have moved it up in the queue.

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