Ok, so I know that *in theory* blockchains are distributed and lots of copies keeps stuff safe. But ...

When people are looking back on what the heck was going on in the first few decades of the 21st century what record will there be of these blockchains? Is anyone systematically collecting this data?

I am curious about how the computer runs an algorithm,and then calculates a set of strings,how valuable it can be? hardware manufacturers related to power plants and computers do make a lot of money,but the algorithm itself is worthless.

@edsu the idea of collecting the bitcoin blockchain as an artifact came up in my old job, motivated partly by some anniversary date (first 10 years?). I wrote up an analysis of what we might want to think about in terms of collecting the data: how we might get it, what we might need to consider in legal terms, what additional collecting around blockchains in general might be worthwhile. But I didn't take my email with me from that job so don't have my analysis anymore.

@andrewjbtw @edsu It's not specifically about preserving blocks for the long term, but this project appears to be collecting a lot of data that doesn't end up in the chain itself.

I'm not aware of efforts to specifically preserve the blocks for posterity. I have a 10 pack of 100GiB HTL BDRs and a 50 pack of 25 GiB ones, and a burner. Bitcoin would take 3 from the first pack and one from the second to burn for a 100 year shelf life or so.

@andrewjbtw @edsu Probably better to just set a reminder and burn a new disc every time the blockchain adds another 100GiB.

@andrewjbtw @edsu It seems like it would be fairly unforgivable to lose 10,000 copies of 313GiB of data. I'm pretty sure people on here have music collections bigger than that.

@freakazoid @andrewjbtw that's good to know there are efforts to track and save off-chain resources, because they are much more volatile.

As for the 10k copies, that's true. But if BTC became suddenly worthless it might get hard to track down. And there's the other problem of it not being the only blockchain out there.

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