Data Speculation I’ve taken the ill-advised approach of using the Coronavirus as a topic to frame the exercises in my computer programming class this semester. I say “ill-advised” because given the impact that COVID has been having on students I’ve been thinking they probably need a way to escape news of the virus by way of writing code, rather than diving into it more. It’s late in the semester to modulate things but I think we will shift gears

@edsu Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!

on the "mystery" angle there is a great chapter in Gitelman's Raw Data about astrological data and trying to confirm the date of a solar eclipse:

Stanley, M. (2013) ‘Where Is That Moon, Anyway? The Problem of Interpreting Historical Solar Eclipse Observations’, in Gitelman, L. (ed.) Raw Data Is an Oxymoron. MIT Press, pp. 77–88.

and on abduction and speculation this is a good one:

Parisi, L. (2012) ‘Speculation: A method for the unattainable’, in Lury, C. and Wakeford, N. (eds) Inventive Methods. Routledge, pp. 232–244.

@air_pump tbank you for reading, and thank you for those recommendations!

@air_pump I'll definitely going to return to that essay from Raw Data with a new eye; and that chapter from Inventive Methods (and the rest of the book) look really good and are new to me. Thanks again!

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