I'm doing a small workshop in the arts & humanities department at my university focused on minimal computing where we are going to get people started with Beaker Browser and have a conversation about the pros/cons of owning your own data, and building trust networks.

The agenda can be found here:


If you have favorite zines or other dat sites, especially for humanists & artists I'd love to hear from you.

@_whitni I’ll let you know how it goes — it feels like a bit like a roll of the dice.

I agree with @_whitni looks super cool. I'd be interested in hearing about it as well. Have been trying to brainstorm computer things for an upcoming teen computer club. I wonder if they'd be interested in this?

@edsu I think it will be a critical hit. 🎲 (hmm too bad they don’t have a 20 sided die)

@edsu this is cool. I might give it a go with some of my students

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