feediverse feediverse will read RSS/Atom feeds and send the messages as Mastodon posts

@edsu oh, this is a nice idea, so you could have a huge stream of blog input, filter it with regEx for keywords and than do an automatic mastodon post ?

@syndikalista at the moment it doesn't do any filtering, it simply posts new things that show up in the feed. But theoretically that's possible I guess. I mostly just wanted a way to share Pinboard bookmarks.

@edsu I tumbled on riko today, it might be useful for this. It is on

@syndikalista nice yes, hat does look much more developed. Yahoo Pipes was a great service and partly got recreated in IFTTT. I’ll take a look at it!

☝️was my first post using feediverse.

I bookmarked the feediverse page on Pinboard, which makes user RSS feeds available.

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