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I hung out with some Gandi.net people last night, and I can say I'm definitely even more confident that being a loyal Gandi customer was a good decision.

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its amazing that someone, somewhere, miles away, is literally setting a bunch of stuff on fire, so that your computer can see this fucking toot. and youre paying em to do it!!!! you're like "take my money!!! keep doing it!!! put more stuff on there, get it goin real good! i gotta see @jk's next toot!"

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hey all, i owe over 2000 dollars to my university and i need help paying it off. if anyone wants proof, i don't mind showing my bursar to you all. i have to get down to 200 before i can apply for my classes (for the fall semester) anything would help
here is my paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG

Freedom of the Press Foundation is hiring a Newsroom Support Engineer to work with news organizations all around the world who are using SecureDrop.

Some great perks:
* Offices in SF and NYC
* Work with free software (SecureDrop is AGPLv3)
* Help press freedom
* Work with cool peeps
* Competitive non-profit salary
* Health insurance

If you know people in other networks/listservs/etc. pass it along! :)


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Also, to my new followers: Hi!

Word of warning: I flip between silly and serious stuff, and I don't hide my queerness and my passion for FLOSS, coffee, and other things.

Let's have a conversation! :)

Grindr has hurt many queer people, especially those that are HIV positive. And they don't seem to care

Can we trust our lives with a company that clearly doesn't care about ours?

I don't know how, but we should work to have a free and open place where queer people can meet online in safe and secure ways.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hello everyone, allow me to do an of myself.

I am very passionate about free software, and free culture. I also work in the civil liberties and information security spaces (currently at Freedom of the Press Foundation).

Currently live in , but originally based in .