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@cringe @mayel it works for invalid ssl certs as well, like self signed certs

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Just when I thought it could be good to go to bed... I got a brilliant idea!

You may have heard about (resonate.is/), a cooperative music streaming platform.

Now, I want a similar service, but for ebooks and audiobooks.

Of course, I can't code, I can only have visions. But I'm a member of a publishing coop, so we might already have one content provider already!

So how about it, who's in?

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How about a meetup in , ?

I haven't had the time to organise one - but (i) I know there are plenty of people interested, (ii) I know some that would participate, (iii) I have a venue and (iv) I might have a sponsor...

What I don't have is time haha.

Any or based peeps interested in organising this with me?

I also set up a meetup page months ago meetup.com/PlatformCoop-Meetup

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@Antanicus @mattcropp from what I heard, activitypub supports mastodon's privacy features better (nothing is perfect)

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Though my favourite Reddit history moment might be

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The team are doing a training session in Dublin, Ireland next week!

"Patterns of Decentralised Organisation"


Can everyone please give it a boost - so that we might get the people on Mastodon to see it. :)

@cnc there are some hosting companies that are run as worker owned coops (eg gaiahost.coop/). Never used any, so I dunno. I'd love there to be a coop hosting which was owned by the customers/users.

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@Angle @Laurelai I see UBI as a direction to push in when talking to people who aren't ready to consider public ownership (or whatever you want to call it) of the means of production.

If nothing else, it flatly contradicts a lot of the basic tenets of capitalism. By seeing who agrees and who gets upset, you can get an idea of who your allies and enemies may be.

@mattcropp well I've loved the witches series. But the hacker-y aspect is slightly hidden. Lots of loves for the freaks of the world. "headology" is basically social engineering. The stories have lots of distrust of authority, and a points out you have social responsibility.

@mattcropp The Martian. It's a STEM is great book. โ˜บ

@mattcropp a discworld novel? To balance the libertarian aspect?

@samtoland ah cool. No worries then. Some people outside Ireland don't know and can be insistent that UK+IE be called that.

The UK Queen's FAQ page on her website used to refer to her being head of state of the British Isles, so your usage was in keeping with it! โ˜บ๏ธ

@samtoland Ummm... The term "British Isles" is not used in Ireland (which is a large percentage of that area) because the term has political meaning and is connected to a history of British control of Ireland. It implies that Ireland is British.

"Socialism is inherently authoritarian."
โ€“ person who thinks poor people should obey their boss or starve.

Source: twitter.com/existentialcoms/st

@Antanicus I know what fdroid is... Dunno what AOSP is. ๐Ÿ˜• I don't really know much (or anything) about development, or OSes, sorry,

OK, plan to root my phone put on hold, Since my Nexus 5X only has USB C connection, all my cables are Micro B. ๐Ÿ˜ก Didn't the EU require all to be micro B? Ah well... Time to buy some connectors

Apparently LineageOS is the current open source Android thing. Try going to their website and figure out how to install it. ๐Ÿ˜ 

OK, time to break out of thr closed corporate walled garden. Time to try to root my phone!