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So I've been thinking a bit about what makes a place I to enjoyable. I've certainly noticed some places feel better then others, but there was discernible pattern.

I finally figured it out. I like being where people are happy. Be that communities, tourist towns, or hearts of cities. Lively places where people are happy.

I like going, so I'm curious where you find yourself happy? Where you find the people around you happy? Happy places feel like home.

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I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

Hey all. I'm Evan, and I am excited for the opportunity to use this platform to discuss , the , the and .

I picked @SocialCoop :TwinPines: as my instance after observing their community & CoC. I have been impressed with their goals, rules, and terms and find them in perfect alignment with mine.

That's my , I'm excited to meet you, and so happy to finally be a part of this peaceful coexistence!

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