Hey all. I'm Evan, and I am excited for the opportunity to use this platform to discuss , the , the and .

I picked @SocialCoop :TwinPines: as my instance after observing their community & CoC. I have been impressed with their goals, rules, and terms and find them in perfect alignment with mine.

That's my , I'm excited to meet you, and so happy to finally be a part of this peaceful coexistence!

@eb you picked 4 topics there, with hashtags.

could you, instead, pick just 1?

for instance, if i were you today, i would summarize myself...

excited to talk about #harmony #chaos #computers #energy

all around of course

and if i would pick a single topic, i could only do it within #harmonicchaos context: on my vast amount of interests, everything today seen to converge to #fupl but tomorrow i might change it to #laundry, #therapy or something completely different.

@cregox First, your site is very interesting! Excited to poke around. Still learning mastodon norms, apologies if more then a singular hashtag is not appropriate.

I would however make the argument that for the purpose of this specific toot, listing my core interests *is* a good thing. It signals intent to discuss certain topics at a later date, not necessarily today.

@eb thanks!

i don't know of fediverse norms either. but do know that i don't use mastodon for whatever reason.

and i agree, i love transparency and even #verbose. never meant to imply anything against it. i even listed more than 4 hashtags myself, not sure you noticed it. 😁

@eb Hi. Yeah, I didn’t really understand @cregox’s reply about tooting incorrectly, and after a couple reads, assumed it was tongue in cheek.
Welcome to, BTW. I’ve accounts on a few different instances, but this is my main one. Blessings.

@jotaemei Thank you! I was a bit confused as well, but tried to make the best sense of it that I could :P.

I'm curious, why do you use multiple instances?

@eb I signed up for a couple new instances last week, as I was thinking that it would be easier to encounter people I'd want to follow, which I also had shared interests with, by being on those servers and following their local timelines. It's become tricky though to reply to, favorite, and boost toots of people who are on different servers, no matter which ones they are, and where I'm located ATM when using a desktop browser. The only place where this seems to be seamless is via the phone apps.

@jotaemei that's totally fair. I wish there was some extension that keeps you logged in when browsing different instances!

@eb Wow. So, I just realized there are ways to respond to replies seamlessly, and then there's the one that causes you to have to jump through more hoops and specify which server you're on. This latter one is the one I'd been utilizing.

In order to get the context of a conversation (via opening the thread), I had been clicking on the message's timestamp. I'd forgotten about the option "Expand this post" (hidden in the menu that pops up via clicking on the ellipsis).

This makes things easier.

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