Kind of want to teach a class in downscaling a web site. 99% of web sites don't need 99% of today's common infrastructure. (And 100% of things that are Facebook pages should be their own web sites.)

@readsteven I recently re-built a business' site. Before, it was this Wix monstrosity loading 15 JS files, now it's a simple, static site. I went with @benjaminhollon's readable.css framework.

@nantucketebooks @readsteven @benjaminhollon I would love to learn more about readable.css but my search skills are failing me.


@benjaminhollon @freedomtowrite
Cool, followed! I want to trim some of the bloat from my current Hugo theme. readable.css looks like a great tool to build a site around.

@eamon Yeah, I considered making a Hugo theme based on readable.css but haven't gotten around to it (partly because I don't use Hugo). But the code is under The Unlicense, so you're very welcome to do whatever you want with it! If you come up with a neat Hugo theme, let me know. :)

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