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@LeoSammallahti That's great food for thought. We need councillors with the political will to embrace this kind of thinking. Thanks for sharing!

My latest blog post -- making sense of the general election results here in the UK and some hopeful prospects for the way forward: dukeofhardrock.com/2019/12/13/

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fact of the day!

Big banks, the most powerful economic actors in the world, throw everything they can against . Yet the coop model ends up beating them at their own game.

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@mike_hales @Matt_Noyes @emi As a community workshop facilitator, I'd also be really interested to know how these go - really keen to implement more activities focused on empowerment, skill-sharing, and decision-making processes.

@aurochs That's awesome. I lived in a housing co-op in Kitchener for a couple of years - it was my first introduction to a true community where everyone contributed what they could afford in terms of time as well as money!

So happy to be here! Here's my : I'm a lifelong social justice activist and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs from the UK, currently involved in several initiatives that are transitioning into co-ops. I'm becoming very enthusiastic about co-ops and worker-ownership models as a way of democratising the economy and keen to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and help contribute to the movement! I'm also a big fan of decentralised social networks!


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