Workshop for socialists this afternoon on workplace organizing. Involves drawing, improv, and meta reflection on how the workshop itself is organized... Not sure how it will go - which makes it interesting.


sooooo excited for this workshop to blow people's minds!!! (and get a new idea off the ground!) looking forward to hearing how it goes!

@emi That's a different workshop -- this Wednesday. But the one today was good practice -- I used a different activity that involves drawing (as well as an improv game) and it worked like a charm. I was able to just listen, summarize at times, ask lots of questions. Made me more confident about pushing the envelope a bit on Weds.

Did you post a link to a description of the activity? Did I miss it? Trying a new group approach is a bit nailbiting, pleased it made you willing to push the boat out more.There is always another boat to push out! 😉


@mike_hales @Matt_Noyes @emi As a community workshop facilitator, I'd also be really interested to know how these go - really keen to implement more activities focused on empowerment, skill-sharing, and decision-making processes.

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