Someone in Texas thinks they have my email address and now I get random hardware store receipts. This is not spam, but rather “someone else’s ham.”

The WordPress server is on a shared host with limited disk capacity, so it doesn’t store the audio files themselves. Each story is a post with some metadata about how to find the track on SoundCloud. Having a backup copy in Internet Archive gives me more confidence this material will remain accessible in 10 years.

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I’m pretty sure my old account has been deleted, but I can still find this by searching on my new instance. Do toots just stick around forever after account deletion on a different instance?

Am I the only one who sees what I’ve written in the notes on other people’s profile pages?

I don't know why it took me so long to discover this option. I much prefer the “non-advanced” UI.

here is what I'm up to today.
1. full disk backup
2. clean install

Subject line: How do you rank against Google Engineers and MIT Grads

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A person in my small college town allegedly ran a stop sign in late May. This is how she was released 3 months later.

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