Respect for B&H Photo not accepting orders during the Shabbat holiday.

@dphiffer Right? It catches me by surprise every time, especially that the website doesn't even accept them, but I can't help but admire that level of commitment.

(I don't buy from them that often but *clearly* I always try to do so on a Saturday. Ordered one of these last Saturday... several hours later than I had initially tried to. )

@gamehawk oh nice, what kinda stuff are you shooting? In my case it's a lot of boring stuff: replacement lens caps, ink cartridges, and some paper (ok maybe the 13"x19" paper is sort of exciting).

@dphiffer Dragons, mostly:

(That's all shot with a piece of minky fabric draped over a defunct monitor under my worktable light: so I need to re-shoot it all. I haven't tried it with the camera yet but I did stick the most outrageously-colored dragon in and shoot it with the phone: )

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